Costruire uno Stacco da Lontano

Di Emanuele Caratelli, ISCI-Sport Strength Coach, è uno degli allenatori della squadra di powerlifting dell’International Strength & Conditioning Institute. Il nostro team ha vinto il titolo nazionale raw di stacco, sia nella categoria maschile, sia in quella femminile, per due anni consecutivi (2014 and 2015). I nostri atleti hanno vinto un totale di 13 medaglie[…]

“International Workshop on Strength & Conditioning”, 24th-26th May 2012, Trivandrum (India): The Abstracts.

[dt_divider style=”thin” /] I would like to share the abstracts of my presentations at the “International Workshop on Strength & Conditioning” in Trivandrum (India) of last May. I had the opportunity to lecture in front of 150 people, mostly university professors and national level sport coaches, coming from all over India. I really cherish the[…]

Fix Your Periodization Knowledge

By Carlo Buzzichelli When I am instructing my students at the International Strength & Conditioning Institute, or if I am lecturing for a sport federation, I spend at least two hours explaining all of the concepts related to periodization that are presented in the following image:   In this image I’ve listed the smallest components[…]

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