Discover how the ISCI strength & conditioning coaches excel in several different sports!!



The Certified Master in Sport Training (CMST™) course represent the most rpestigious certification of the International Strength & Conditioning Institute and it is the most complete and practical educational program in the area of strength & conditioning.


To obtain the CMST™ title, the following requirements must be met:

a) Being SSC™, SCS™, RTS™ and SNSE™ certified.

b) Pass the SSC™ and SCS™ exams with a score of at least 85/100.

c) Attending at least one Specialization Workshop.

d) Attending at least one ISCI Internship at Olympic Training Centers.

e) Writing a short thesis on the application of the ISCI system in the training of an athlete or team, for the duration of one season.

Please refer to the pages of each certification and elective workshops and internships composing the Certified Master in Sport Training (CMST™) certification course.

Also check the EVENTS page for the courses held close to your location.

To register for an ISCI course:

  1. Wire the money for the course to the following bank account: IT 12 U 01030 35990 000000 2526 82 – BIC/Swift code: pascitm1h07
  2. Fill the form underneath to receive a confirmation email

Cost: € 1500.

Note: CMST certified coaches can teach for the ISCI wordwide.

Credits: 10 SSC, 10 SCS, 10 SNSE, 10 RTS.

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