Plyometrics Intensity Chart

  Click on the image to see it clearly. From the book “Periodization Training for Sports”, 3rd Edition.

Drop Jump and Depth Jump

Click on the image to see it clearly. From the book “Periodization Training for Sports“, 3rd Edition.

A Physiological Review of American Football

  A Physiological Review of American Football (reprinted with the permission of the author) Danny M . Pincivero and Tudor 0. Bompa Sports Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania, USA Department of Kinesiology, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada   Contents Read more

A Long-Term Plan to Build the Deadlift

By Emanuele Caratelli, MSc, ISCI-Sport Strength Coach and ISCI lecturer, is one of the powerlifting coaches of the International Strength & Conditioning Institute powerlifting team.Our team won the raw deadlift National title for both male and female categories for two Read more

“International Workshop on Strength & Conditioning”, 24th-26th May 2012, Trivandrum (India): The Abstracts.

[dt_divider style=”thin” /] I would like to share the abstracts of my presentations at the “International Workshop on Strength & Conditioning” in Trivandrum (India) of last May. I had the opportunity to lecture in front of 150 people, mostly university Read more

An Interview with Carlo Buzzichelli

An Interview with Carlo Buzzichelli Bret Contreras: Hey Carlo, I’m guessing that many of my readers have never heard of you. Please introduce yourself and be sure to include your qualifications. Carlo Buzzichelli: Hi Bret, thank you for offering me Read more

Periodization Is NOT an “Outdated” or “Stupid” Concept. You’re Doing It Whether You Know It or Not!

By Sam Leahey In light of a great discussion we were all having last week on my facebook wall, my colleague Bret Contreras asked me to compose a guest blog for his new website. Of course I will, Bret! The Read more

Fix Your Periodization Knowledge

By Carlo Buzzichelli Whether I’m instructing my students of the International Strength & Conditioning Institute, or if I’m lecturing for a sport federation or university, I spend at least two hours explaining all of the concepts related to periodization that are presented Read more